Frequently asked questions

What kinds of phones & tablets are supported?

PageClean supports Apple's iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It works with the new iOS7 release, and older versions as well.

What networks does it work with?

Both wifi networks and all cellular provider networks are supported, and the filter starts automatically when you connect to any new network.

Does PageClean work with Android?

No, at this time only Apple iOS devices are supported.

How do I adjust what pages are filtered?

If you wish to add or remove websites from your filter user our change filter form.

Can I use the Safari or Chrome web browser?

Yes, PageClean filters the internet traffic before it gets to your device, so you can use any browser you want including Safari.

What apps does it work with?

PageClean works with Browsers, Twitter apps, News apps, etc - any app that loads website content. It also blocks sexting apps such as SnapChat.

How does the password and locking work?

If you've chosen one of the Locked plans PageClean will be locked in place and can only be removed with a Removal Passcode. This works using what is called a locked provisioning profile or mobileconfig file.

Will it slow down my internet?

The filter should not slow down your internet browsing, as it performs the same task (domain lookup) that needs to happen regardless. Once a website is recognized as safe, the filter does not interfere with the download.

How does it work?

PageClean works by filtering the internet on the network before it gets to your device, using what's called the Domain Name System or DNS. When you sign up we'll send you a small configuration file that will tell your iPhone or iPad to direct certain internet requests to the PageClean service instead of your default DNS. If the domain is used for adult content, your browser will be redirected to our block page instead of the actual domain.

Can I filter YouTube or Google?

PageClean can block all of YouTube or Google, but not specific urls. Both YouTube and Google have content filters that can be used with PageClean.

  1. go to your preferences on your device
  2. set the option to "Filter explicit results"
  3. scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
YouTube website:
  1. go to youtube and click the options button (the three bars)
  2. scroll down to the Settings option
  3. click to turn on the Safe Search option
YouTube app:
  1. launch the YouTube app and click the settings button (three bars)
  2. set Safe Search Filtering to Strict

Can I lock my own device?

Yes. PageClean has many customers that use the service to remain free of the distractions of adult content. PageClean can hold your unlock password for you (you would need to contact customer support to get the unlock code) or we can send it directly to an accountablity partner of your choosing.

How do I know it's working?

When the service is active you'll see a "VPN" icon at the top of the screen. The service starts up automatically when it's needed. You can test using the domain If you get a blocked message, the filter is working. If not, please contact customer support for help troubleshooting your device.